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For several years , Crystal Awards has been providing 3D Crystal gifts to our patrons who interact with us at our kiosk in Vaughn Mills. We specialize in creating 3D Crystal gifts, for all of life’s occasions. We take your digital image and placing it into a block of Optical Crystal. Our artists work their magic on the image and the final appearance in the Crystal block is a 3D image.

We have recently been able to add an additional process. We can now apply your full colour digital image to the back of a block of Optical Crystal. This is a different process and creates a 2D image.

Place your order here on our website and have your purchase shipped to you, or come and visit us at Vaughn Mills and review all of the samples that are on display.

To provide an additional perspective of the different shapes, 360 degree images of the 3D Crystal shapes and the 2DCrystal Colour shapes can be viewed on the 360 degree Image page.

Home Page 3DCrystal Photo

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